sreda, 30. september 2015

Speak No Evil..

Morning guys!

Irene's here with a new gorgeous card using
PION DESIGN papers..

The sheets she chose are from the Studio Of Memories collection..
..and the Pion Palette collection..

You can see all kinds of flowers there..
Open Roses, Magnolias, Lilies, Chrysantemums, Cherry Blossoms..

The Decorative Foam Bouquets are so awesome..
And take a look at the stunning Butterfly Charm and that mini bottle..

Her name is Speak No Evil Tilda..
In the shop you can also find Hear No Evil Tilda and See No Evil Tilda..
These gorgeous stamps belong to the Pink Ribbon Collection from last year and were created for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month..

If you don't have them, make sure to get them.. ;)

Hugs, Tina and the Craft Heaven Shop DT

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