nedelja, 27. september 2015

New products and some IMPORTANT INFORMATION

Hello everyone!

I'm sure that those of you who follow us on Facebook and Instagram have already seen the beautiful new products we added to the store yesterday..

I'm talking about the fantastic Mini Glass Bottles that come in two different sizes..
and the awesome Mini Bells..

But here's what I wanted to point out today..

The Craft Heaven Shop staff is going to the fantastic Hobby Show fair in Milan and will be absent from the 29th September until the 4th of October..
Therefore the webshop will be closed..

All urgent orders must be placed before September 28th 4p.m. GMT+2 in order to be sent before we leave..
You can still place orders while we are gone but keep in mind that at the orders placed after the date and time mentioned above will be mailed when we come back from our little trip..

Thanks for your understanding!

The daily inspirational posts will be still going on regularly so make sure you don't miss any of them..

Have a great day everyone!!!
Tina and the Craft Heaven Shop team

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