četrtek, 28. januar 2021

Sweet angel

Hello everybody,

To change the tags and square cards what i usualy do, I wanted to make a round card! 
So I suggest you with late (or a loooot in advance) a shaker card to hang into the Christmas tree.

Stamp : "Magnolia Christmas Collection 2020"
Paper : "Maja Design"
Fir branches and Poinsettia "Magnolia"
Foamiran flowers

Very simple process: 

A circle of paper below, a circle of paper above (of the same diameter, hollowed out and covered with rhodoïd from the inside). Decorated paper glued to the circle below to make the background. 
3D foam between the two to add thickness. 
Decoration of your choice, a string to hang it ... and that's good !!

(Can't find she looks a bit like Princess Leia this doll ?)

See you soon

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