ponedeljek, 17. februar 2020

A BIG thank you !!

Hello to everyone,

Before jumping everywhere exploding with joy (does this happen to you too sometimes ?), I want to apologize for the grammar and spelling mistakes that you will find in this article and the following ones ...
I write my texts in French and I translate them with Google ;)
I hope it will make you laugh and that you will not blame me too much !

Well, having said that, I can now start a real article by thanking Tina with all my heart for her invitation to join the creative team of her lovely shop !
I am an absolute fan of what all the girls do here and it is with great pride that I will try to be up to them <3

So I start my participation with this card for the birthday of a very small mouse ...

Not being able to join you the links of the material used in image (I am not yet very gifted, sorry), I will try to copy you a maximum below :

Papers :

Stamps :
(it is not the stamp used but the newer version)

Dies :
(it is not the right one but an equivalent)

Other :

Well, I think I have pretty much gone around ...
I wish you all a very very nice day  !!

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