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NEWS from Maja Design - Sofiero IS BACK!

Hello dear followers!

You must have thought that we forgot about you today..
But we did not!
There was just soooo much to do here..

We just finished adding some awesome NEW PRODUCTS to the store!

The title of the post says it all..
Sofiero is back!
Yes! You got this right!
After a long long time and much thought about it, Maja Design decided to bring this Limited Edition collection back for all of us..

In addition to that they released a brand new line of papers called Monochromes - Shades of Sofiero..

Now here are some details..
According to many wishes, Maja Design decided to reprint this old favorite in a new edition, this time including one die cut sheet..
One little exiting novelty is that there are also matching single colored papers along this collection..

Smell the roses while you walk through The Rose Paths of Sofiero. You can see the fairytale castle glimpse in the background while you stroll around the castle’s world famous gardens. Walk through Princess Margareta’s Flowerstreet and be amazed by her sense of colours and gardening. Head on to The Dahlia District before crossing the garden down to the gates by the sea. Listen to the waves and enjoy the sun. A wedding couple passes by giggling. The summer is here to stay.
This collection is a summer celebration of the historical gardens of Sofiero that is cared for and developed in honour of its legacy.
This exclusive collection consists of nine two sided 12×12 sheets including one die cut sheet.
The collection “Monochromes – shades of Sofiero” is a perfect match of double-sided, single colored, two-shaded papers.

The monochrome papers are printed in single color papers with one shade on each side, one lighter and one darker.
They have a white core which makes them exquisite to emboss, sand or tear for great effect on ony craft project..
They come in the same thick quality as all Maja Design papers.
The collection is in the size 12x12 and consists of twelve different shades (two on each sheet), all a perfect match for the Sofiero collection..

Don't wait too long..
Order now so you can be among the first to have a play with these awesome new releases..

Hugs, Tina and the Craft Heaven Shop Team

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