nedelja, 21. marec 2021


Hello everyone,

Far from the rather busy cards that I have fun making during the end of the year holidays, I sometimes want very refined things, without fuss-pompon, just to highlight the stamp in a case of simplicity ( roohhh la la, it's beautiful what I'm saying)

Here is my second version of a series humbly named "Simply"

"Lace Heart Tilda" stamp from the Lovely Collection Magnolia 2021
Stamp "Love" Magnolia also

It is built on the same model as the previous one: a small square card with a side of 12 cm.
The layers are made with two Créalies dies that I love: "Squares with Open Scallop" and "Squares with Stiches" (or Dots)
(links at the bottom of the page)


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