sobota, 19. marec 2016

New and Restocked.. And a HUGE paper sale..

Yep.. All this stuff needs a post of his own..

There's a lot going on in our store..
First of all we don't want you to miss out our huge paper sale..
10-40% discount on tons of Maja Design and Pion Design paper..
That's right.. We need to make some room for new products to come..

There's more..
If you order more than 20 sheets we will send you a discount coupon to use on your next purchase in our store..
And it can be used on everything you see in there..
How awesome is that?

But that's not all..

New Magnolia Doohickey's are in the house and we restocked the ones you've been wanting the most..
New stamps.. The Postmarks and Little Trumpety you wanted for so long..
And the best sellers are all back in..

That's right..
The Heart Clips, Wooden Heart Buttons, Lace Antoinette and Lace Fleur are all here again for you..

Your favourite Paper Straws..

And if you did miss our post from a few days ago we are proud to tell you that almost 50 gorgeous Chipboards are now available in the store also..

Well.. I hope we didn't exagerate this time..
We sincerely hope you will enjoy browsing through all the 'old' and new products..
Happy shopping everyone!

Hugs, Tina

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