nedelja, 30. avgust 2015

Full house..

Here they are..
The last two ladies who are joining our fantastic design team..

I'd like you to welcome IZABELA..

I'm from Poland and I work as a teacher, I teach Polish language and art.
I am optimistic and I can not imagine life without creation!
I've always painted, sculpted, weaved ...
I was responsible for all kinds of handicrafts, but my heart was stolen three years ago
by the broader scrapbooking!
I love... gluing paper, greeting cards, notebooks, boxes ..
full of flowers and colors.
I'm still learning, I develop, I try new forms.
Create your paper world!
Besides, I like your paper clutter, cats, chocolate and books ...
I love my husband, family and friends.
All that is taken out of my hands ...

I want to share with you the joy.

Here are just some of her stunning pieces..

And.. KASIA..

My name is Kasia and I live in Odessa, Ukraine. 
There was a crazy event in June 2013 when I discovered the miracle world of scrapbooking.
I was so captivated by creative life and began to spare every free time for crafting. 
I have a great pleasure in viewing different paper projects and admire the new collections of materials - it makes me want to create beauty and share it with others! 

Wanna see what's Kasia all about?

We're getting ready for our next challenge..
This is soooo exciting!!

Will you join us?

Enjoy your Sunday folks!
Hugs, Tina and the Craft Heaven Shop DT

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